Our First Aid Club

  • Miss Deighton and Miss Landsborough have been running a first aid club after school on a Monday. So far, they have been amazed at how good the children are at everything they have taught them and “Recovery Position” session was no exception. The children were incredible at placing an unresponsive person into the recovery position. These are the steps the children learnt:

    1. Look for surrounding dangers
    2. Talk/shake them to see if they’re responsive
    3. See if they are breathing by leaning in and waiting for the sound/feel of breath
    4. Check their pulse by using two fingers on the neck below their jaw
    5. Ring an ambulance
    6. Move the arm closest to you to bent by their head with their palm up
    7. Bring the other arm across the body and place their hand on their cheek
    8. Place the furthest away leg to bent
    9. Bring their body over by pulling at the clothing on their hips- don’t forget to support their face as they turn
    10. Place the head upwards to clear the airway to enable them to breathe
    11. Sit with them and keep talking to them until the ambulance arrives
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