Ordering milk

  • Ordering milk

    School milk can only be ordered for the full term. We will write to you when the next order is due to be placed, just complete the tear off slip and return to the office with payment on or before the due date.
    If you have been granted free school meals your child will automatically receive free school milk.
    If you have any queries please call into the office.

  • School meals and menu

    Our Kitchen staff are employed by Taylor Shaw. All our meals are carefully planned and thought out to meet the needs of the children in our school.

  • “It’s all about the children’s satisfaction. We work as a team and we make sure it’s high quality food and presentation.”

    — Maxine, Head Cook
    • Cooked meals cost £2.00. You may be entitled to “free school meals”. You should apply to see if you are eligible even if your child has sandwiches. This is because the school could offer more for the children entitled to free school meals. Pick up a form at the school office.
    • The school menu will change every so often but for now the menu at school works on a three week rota.
    • Children can order a meal of their choice from the menu. They need to be in class at 08.40am to make their choice
    • There is a menu for your to view in Reception and you can also have a copy to take home.

    On top of all this we have a well stocked salad bar full of things like: tomato and cucumber salads, pasta salads, chopped peppers, coleslaw and much more!


    • “These school meals are absolutely fabulous. I had the cheese flan after loads of recommendations. It didn’t let me down.”

      Andy Messer (the famous story teller)
    • “The desserts are brilliant and the jackets are nice.”

      Lacie, Y5
    • “The meals are fantastic! I can’t get enough. I look forward to the pizza, the fish, the roast meat sandwich and stuffing, the lasagne, the cheese flan and the legendary meat pie! We are so lucky to have a great team in the kitchen. I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

      Mr Sieczkarek, Headteacher
    • “Thank you to the school staff for making such an effort with our lunch!”

      Sir Steve Redgrave, Five Times Olympic Gold Medalist
    • “I love ’em. I love this the most: Shepherd’s Pie”

      Libby, Y6
    • “I haven’t had the famous cheese flan since I was at school but this is every bit as good as I remember. No wonder the recipe is top secret and locked away at night!”

      Dan Hilton, IT Technician
    • “Lunchtimes at Prince Edward are a great way for staff and children to eat lovingly cooked food together while they share news with each other. Maxine and the staff take such pride in what they feed us every day that I can’t wait for lunchtimes to come around. Especially ‘Fishy Friday’!”

      Miss French, Inclusion Manager
    • “During our visit to school we were very impressed with the meals provided by the kitchen staff. Thank you for the delicious food.”

      Ofsted Inspector
    • “I mostly have jacket potato or the sandwich choice and I particularly like butter and tuna on my jacket!”

      Lacey, Y5
    • “If I was a child again, I’d come back to school for the meals alone!”

      Joanne Jones, Parent