5-11 Years Old
  • Class Overview

  • Nurture

    Nurture Group runs every afternoon to help children who need a little TLC to get the most out of school.The group consists of  a teacher, Miss Woods, a teaching assistant, Mrs Mills and the Nurture Children. The children still attend their mainstream class in the morning to take part in the Literacy and Numeracy lessons. In the Nurture Sessions we focus more on the Personal, Social and Emotional curriculum and supporting the children to develop the skills they need to be the best learners they can be. Our aim is for the children to successfully return to their class full time.The time the children spend in Nurture depends on how they progress, so for some children this may happen after a few weeks but for others this can take up to three terms.
    • Age Group:
      5-11 Years Old
    • Afternoon Session
      13:15 - 3:05 pm