New Houses Are Being Built Around Our School 2017-2019

  • Click here to see the PDF Map
  • As you may be aware, Keepmoat Regeneration Engie is commencing building work on the fields surrounding school a little earlier than expected. They are planning to put their perimeter fencing up on 16th October 2017.

    It is an exciting project particularly for our pupils as they will have lots of opportunities over the three years for a variety of workshops and competitions. The project also includes the building of the ravine which we, as a school, will be able to use in the future. Please remind your children about safety near building sites.

    As with all building projects there will be some drawbacks and disruptions. As you can see from the plans on the link on the left, the site will not be divided by Queen Mary Road. There will be perimeter fencing (marked on the map by a red line) surrounding the whole site, meaning that Queen Mary Road and pathways will be closed between our school and St Theresa’s. This also includes the pathway leading down the side of the school boundary. The only way into our school will be from the top of Prince of Wales Road and down Queen Mary Road. This could be for at least 18 months. There will be no way of getting across the fields or to the traffic lights junction by St Theresa’s.

    We do appreciate that the closures of Queen Mary Road and footpaths all along the opposite side of the road to the school may cause inconveniences.

    Maps and plans for the project will be on display in the school notice board and we will update you should any changes occur.

    Some things to consider:

    • Queen Mary will not be a thoroughfare. If you bring a car, you will have to 3-Point-turn to get out.
    • One pavement is closed off. Turning a car around will be very difficult.
    • Don’t put children at risk by mounting the only available pavement with your car.
    • Parking further away from school will be ideal. (Walking even better)
    • Don’t block the carpark entrance with your car.
    • Don’t block the entire road with your car. Emergency vehicles still need access.

    Your journey time to school may be affected if you can’t park outside school. School starts at 08:40.