Compliments From the General Public

  • Compliments

    We often find that when our children are on school trips, visits, on public transport, or just out and about; the general public will often comment on how well the children are behaved. Below are some compliments the school has received in email or by phonecall or by letter.
  • Good Afternoon, I have just had the privilege of meeting some of your students from Year 2 and your teachers and helpers. The children were impeccably behaved and had good manners, followed instructions and listened well. They also kept noise to a minimum. I have twin babies and the children were great at keeping a distance, not touching. I spoke with a little girl called ‘Summer’. If she is a reflection of the students of your school you should be very, very proud. I just wanted to say compared with another school I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting on the way to Meadowhall: your children were amazing. My little girl attends Sacred Heart Catholic School and I’d like to think they behave like your children. With kindest Regards, Mrs Laura Holmes

    — The Y2 Trip to Sheffield
  • Dear Mr Sieczkarek, I attended the SSELP Reading Event today and just wanted to compliment your staff and children on their excellent participation and behaviour, standing out amongst other schools. Regards, Mrs Bradshaw

    — The Y4 Trip to the Reading Event
  • I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the morning. Your children were delightful: everything I could have wished for. They were extremely friendly and polite and in addition they were excited, enquiring and enthusiastic about everything I showed them, handing the artefacts with great care and sensitivity. Dave Sandilands

    — Roman Workshop in School