Andy Messer Our Story Teller

  • Reception had a fabulous time when it their turn for some storytelling sessions with Andy Messer, our storyteller in residence. He’s been working with all the different classes in school and finally it was Onyx Class and Garnet Class’ turn. Andy spent the whole day in Foundation Stage splitting his time between Nursery and Reception and doing some work with us all together outside.

    First they had a storytelling session inside with just Onyx class. This was a funny story about a crocodile and a monkey. Andy talked about mango in the story so brought some for them to try. Some of them had never tried it before.

    Then Andy spent some time outside. I bet you can’t guess what type of stories they were telling? They used some of their loose parts outside to enhance their stories and become props.

    Everyone had a wonderful time. The stories in the classroom have been getting better all week since Andy’s visit. Reception can’t wait for him to come again for the next session.

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