We love reading

  • In March 2021, despite the restrictions, children in our school (and in their homes) celebrated World Book Day with lots of events and activities. The teachers put together a video of them in disguise reading an alternative traditional tale. They did in the style of the “Masked Singer”. You can see this here. 

  • At Prince Edward we know how important the skill of reading is.  Right from Nursery, we plan lots of exciting opportunities to read to children, share books and get involved in activities related to storytelling. 

    Some of the other things we do to help our children become confident and independent readers are:

    Teachers often read different stories to children in story time in all classes.  Our teachers read classic books and will try new ones too.  They often find stories their class are interested in. 

    Every classroom has a range of books, suitable for the age of children, to read for pleasure.

    We have a school library which the Governors spend £10000 on to give us loads of gorgeous fiction and nonfiction books to read for fun and to help with our learning.  In the future, we will have a computerised loan system just like our local library!

    All children from FS2 (reception) to Y6 have Guided Reading with their teacher to help them learn and practice the skills they need to be better readers.  We are always buying new sets of guided reading books to keep it new and interesting.   

    All children take home a colour banded reading book at their level to read at home.  All classes have a selection of banded books in their classroom.  We encourage parents/carers to record comments in their reading diary and regularly share it with the class teacher. 

    In English lessons, the children read big books, interactive books and whole books together as a class to help with learning to read. 

    We have the Scholastic Book Fair in school twice a year so families can buy books to read at home as we don’t have a book shop near our school.  Children can also spend their World Book Day token at the book fair.  We always earn lots of free books from our school to keep our library and book corners in the classroom fresh and exciting.   

    We always celebrate World Book Day where we dress up as our favourite book characters, invite grownups in to join in with book craft and read our favourite stories.

    Y5 participate in ‘Premier League Reading Stars’ and win lots of prizes when they read lots of books.  It also really motivates the boys to get involved in reading and writing, just like the celebrity footballers! 

    Every class has the opportunity to visit Manor Library fortnightly.  The children can borrow books to read at home and Madeleine the librarian always reads us a new story.  We encourage our children to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge each year. 

    We go to special events and author visits at the Manor Library to help us enjoy books.

    Y5 and Y6 have participated in ‘We are Readers’ project where they have read lots of online books and competed against other schools.

    Children in FS2-Y3 earn stickers, bookmarks and special reading certificates for reading at home with their grown ups.  We say ‘well done’ in our mentions assembly.   

    FS and KS1 children participated in ‘Book at Bedtime’ where adults were encouraged to read bed time stories to their children over a three week period.  We celebrated with special book prizes and a pajama party.

    We have regular reading volunteers from the local community who work with the same child for 10 weeks to improve their ability and enjoyment for reading. 

    All classes participate and vote in the ‘Sheffield Children’s Book Award’ each year.  We get to read books from new authors and discuss why we like or dislike the books. 

    All Y2 children in locality C schools have attended book gifting events and have been to the central library in town.  Our first visit was to see Lynne Chapman, the illustrator of books such as ‘Class Two at the Zoo’. 

    We work closely with a local book supplier, Gemma Books, to advise us on new and exciting books and up and coming authors to keep children motivated to read.