Our Staff

  • Meet the teaching team at Prince Edward

    • Matt Sieczkarek
    • Anna Ainsley
      Deputy Headteacher
    • Rachel Hall
      Assistant Headteacher
    • Hilary French
      Senior Learning & Inclusion Manager
    • Alice Hale
      Y6 Classteacher
    • Natalie Vaughan
      Y6 Classteacher
    • Claire Allerton
      Y5 Classteacher
    • Megan Johnson
      Y5 Classteacher
    • Becca Dawson
      Y5 Classteacher
    • Anneke Caudwell
      Y4 Classteacher
    • Harriet Landsborough
      Y4 Classteacher
    • James Little
      Y3 Classteacher
    • Becki Weet
      Y3 Classteacher
    • Charlotte Varley
      KS1 Leader and Y2 Classteacher
    • Vicky Mason
      Y2 Classteacher
    • Chelsea Breeze
      Y1 Classteacher
    • Lauren Hart
      Y1 Classteacher
    • Amy Parker
      EYFS Leader and FS2 Classteacher
    • Michaela Deighton
      FS2 Classteacher
    • Katie Hulme
      FS1 Classteacher
    • Rachael Briggs
    • Rachel Wells
    • Amy Murch
      Whole School Classteacher
    • Lynn Woods
      Nurture Teacher
  • Meet the Office Team

    • Jo Bowling
      Finance and Office Manager
    • Helen Stokes
      Human Resources
    • Amena Hoyland
      Admissions and Pupils
    • Sheena Day
    • Janet Koszler
      Learning Mentor
    • Abbey Askwith
      Office Assistant