Foreign Language at Prince Edward

  • Pupils at Prince Edward Primary study French in Key Stage 2. The Governors at Prince Edward value the importance of a foreign language, the uses it will have on our pupils’ lives and how it will make them better citizens of the world. As a result, our pupils will only ever receive the best foreign language teaching. Every Key Stage 2 child will be taught for one session a week by a specialist French teacher provided by Lingotot. The pupils love it. 

    Our French teacher is Monsieur Jacques Barthelemy. He provides carefully planned sessions and build confidence in the pupils through:

    • songs
    • stories
    • drama
    • kinaesthetic activities
    • speaking
    • listening
    • reading
    • writing

    You can find out more about Lingotot here:


  • French in the Classroom

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    Y6 French Blog Entries
    • “French is now being taught by a native French speaker. The children get the best possible tuition they could have.”

      Mr Sieczkarek
    • “French is great because you learn new things in many ways”

      Khadija Y5
    • “I love French. Monsieur Barthelemy makes it fun and easy to learn”

      Moustaffa Y4
    • “We sing songs, learn stories and we even know where to put the adjective and how that applies to all sentences. For example ‘le petit chaperon rouge'”

      Jack Y6
    • “Jacques assesses every child in every group. It’s consistent and accurate.”

      Miss Caudwell
    • “I think it’s great because if you go to another country like France, you will know what to say.”

      Olivia Y5
    • “Monsieur Barthelemy makes it fun because we learn French by singing songs and doing actions to them.”

      Keira Y5
    • “I like hearing the interesting stories in French because Monsieur Barthelemy tries to make it as easy as possible to understand by using actions.”

      Aishah Y5