Welcome To Prince Edward Primary School

Coming Soon - Online Dinner Payments


You will be able to make payments directly for your child's school dinner via our online payment system.

Over the next week your child will bring home a letter with instructions on how to set up an account.

We aim for the online system to go live on 21st November 2016.

We will be running workshops to help if you have any queries.  We will notify you of the dates when the workshops will be running.

More details to follow.

You can now follow us on Twitter!  

Ofsted say:

 “This is a good school”.

Teaching has improved and is continuously improving. Teachers provide high quality marking and feedback. Pupils are given quality time to respond and act on the advice.


Nick Gibb MP


 Minister of State for Schools says:

"Your school's results show that you are amongst

the 100 top performing schools in terms of the

progress your pupils make between Key Stage 1

and the end of Key Stage 2."



KS2 SATs results 2016:

·        49% combined for reading, writing and maths at expected standard. 

·        81% reading at expected standard. 46% achieved the higher level.

·        78% writing at expected standard. 5% achieved the higher level.

·        84% Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar at expected standard. 41% achieved the higher level.

·        54% maths at expected standard. 16% achieved the higher level. 

Average Scaled Scores:

·        In reading the scaled score for all pupils is 108.6 (national 102.6)

·        In maths the scaled score for all pupils is 101.4 (national 103.0)

·        In Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar the scaled score for all pupils is 107.2 (national 104.0)

·  Progress:

·        6.63 for reading

·        1.22 for writing

·        I-0.32 for maths


Welcome to our school website.

 We are very proud of our school, and our community. We all work together

to provide the best for our children. Please enjoy looking around our website.

We hope, during your visit you find all that you are looking for. Contact us if

you have any suggestions or enquiries.

 You can e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Your views and opinions are much valued and will help shape the school’s


Yours sincerely


 Matt Sieczkarek











A Message from the School Council



Welcome to Prince Edward Primary School. We are school

council. We are helpful, kind and friendly.  At our school

we have raised lots of money for Children in Need. We

helped raise money for countries like Haiti.  We don’t just

think about children in our school, we think about children

around the world.  We share our ideas with our class to

tell them what is happening in school.  We welcome

anybody new to our school so they feel happy inside. We

try our best to make sure that everyone fits in, everyone

has friends and everyone is safe.




Working with SSELP (Sheffield South East Learning Partnership). 


School Direct with SSELP

We offer teacher training. Click on the link above to find out more.